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Camp Scramble

camp scramble 5We went on a final camping trip in Maryland before moving west. This time I actually remembered to take pictures of our typical breakfast – a rare multi-step pictorial is provided for your viewing pleasure. Not because pictures were necessary, but because I just went a little picture crazy and could not decide on a single one. Our egg preparation process, which reduces any extra mess, and gives Little B an opportunity to help without being to near the propane stove that often sits a bit precariously on a tilted picnic table. Although this overnight trip did not require much prep before leaving home (we actually hit the grocery store on the way to the campground), we often take a few extra steps before going camping to make meals delicious, yet simple. For example, mixing ground beef with herbs and spices and dumping it in a resealable bag makes for some flavorful burgers without having to schlepp a bunch of spices separately. For eggs we often break them into resealable bags – enough eggs for using one bag each camp morning – and the transport in the cooler minimizes the space used up by eggs and helps to scramble them en route. Simple salt, pepper and butter completes the dish. This most recent trip included the addition of cheese to officially call the result a scramble instead of just scrambled eggs. And yes, for you egg connoisseurs, I appreciate the difference between the purity of scrambled eggs and the corruption of adding non-egg ingredients. This resealable bag technique also works well at home with little ones who have not yet mastered the use of a whisk and bowl, but want to help.

Camp Scramble

8 – 9 eggs (2-3 eggs per person)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
1 Tbsp butter
Resealable bag – quart or gallon will work

Break eggs into bag.

camp scramble 1











Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Add cheese.

camp scramble 2nd











Smush and mush bag contents until yolks and whites are combined.

camp scramble 3











Heat pan to medium high, add butter. When butter is melted pour egg mixture into heated pan and stir gently until egg is cooked.

camp scramble 4











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