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A little while ago I shared a recipe for shampoo. I love using it because it does not weigh down my naturally curly hair like many store bought shampoos. Depending on the weather wherever I am, I also need conditioner in addition to the shampoo. I am sharing two different types of conditioner, which I alternate. The vinegar rinse is more of a deep conditioner I use while in the shower once or twice a week. Vinegar, you ask? Yep! The stuff does a great job balancing the ph in hair, and after the rinsing with water and getting out of the shower you will not smell the vinegar on you. I certainly would not walk around smelling like vinegar, considering all the lovelier smells in the world. The creamy version I use when needed as a leave-in conditioner, either right after a shower or when styling/taming my hair. Disclaimer: these are personal recipes that work for me and my family. Proportions may need to vary for other people and hair types, but I think it is worth the experimentation to rid ourselves of strange chemicals and things that do not need to be in our home…

Creamy Leave-In Conditioner

1/4 – 1/3 cup full fat coconut milk
1 Tbsp avocado oil
1 cup water

Combine milk and oil into a pump spray bottle. Add water so the mixture is about 1/2 inch from the top of the container, then shake until combined. Shake before every use. To apply, spray a light mist to the ends of your hair, working it into your hair with your fingers. Add more conditioner higher up on your head, if needed. Store in the refrigerator if you don’t plan on using the entire batch within one week.

Deep Conditioning Rinse

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup warm water

Pour vinegar into a cup that holds at least 12 ounces. Take it into the shower with you. When you are ready to condition your hair* add one cup of warm water from your shower. Pour the mixture over your hair slowly as you move the cup from the top of your head to the back. Gently massage your head and scalp. Rinse with warm water.

*On days I use this rinse I don’t actually shampoo my hair, just wet it well with warm water before applying. If you use store bought shampoo this rinse will still work well after shampooing, and help reduce build up from the shampoo.

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