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Face Moisturizer

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For about 20 years I used basic over the counter face moisturizer. In recent years my laugh lines have become more prominent, though not of any real concern to me. If I am going to have some crows feet I am good with that. Over the past year or so I noticed that the moisturizer did not seem to ‘take care’ of my skin the way it did when I was 18. I guess I am just lucky the same product was available for so long. Instead of spending a fortune trying to figure out a new commercial product to use I decided to turn to the kitchen. I know how well coconut oil moisturizes the rest of my skin, and the anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil never hurts the skin.

I do not promise that this mixture will miraculously make your wrinkles disappear or magically lift your face. I am sure if you are seeking out such results there is a skin care regimen available at your local department store you can invest in. What I can do is promise you soft, supple and glowing skin. It balances out my combination skin, helps get rid of blemishes quickly and is a natural sunblock (although I still use extra block when I will be out in the sun all day). Another advantage to using it is the massaging you do with your fingers to get it absorbed. Very relaxing and cheaper than a facial!

Face Moisturizer

2 Tbsp avocado oil
1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil
5-6 drops essential oil

Heat coconut oil slightly to liquefy. Add avocado and olive oil and combine. Pour oil mixture into glass serum jar. Add essential oil drops and gently stir until combined. To apply, use a dropper to put a few drops on your finger tip. Spread among three or four fingers and gently rub evenly over face, gently massaging it into the skin until absorbed.

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